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Our Own Portfolios

Our Own Portfolios


The Type of Account you will establish with us will depend upon the size of your investment portfolio. If your portfolio has a value of $1,000,000 or more, you may prefer to have your own individual, segregated account.

If your portfolio is less than $1,000,000 we would recommend for your assets to be invested in our Pooled Investment Funds which are described below. This approach is the best alternative because it is the most effective and economic way to properly diversify your assets.


Our Pooled Funds


Our internally managed Pooled Funds are created as a cost-efficient way to accommodate investors with similar risk and return characteristics, seeking growth or income or a combination of the two as their investment objective.


The Global Wealth Builder Fund

Suitable for investors seeking long term growth of their assets by investing in the fastest growing companies in the fastest growing economies in the world. The fund invests primarily in common stocks or where appropriate, in foreign Indexed Funds. If our work indicates that risk seems excessive and a safer strategy would be to reduce stock market exposure, we have done so in the past and may do so in the future. The Fund may also buy bonds and preferred shares if we think the opportunity from those assets is sufficiently attractive. The Global Wealth Builder Fund is “fully managed” which means we regularly adjust the investments and the currency exposure to reduce risk or improve the growth potential of the portfolio. Although the fund’s objective is growth, we believe that dividend income is extremely important. We believe that investors overlook dividends at their peril because they are the largest contributor to investment performance.

The High Income Wealth Builder Fund

Suitable for investors seeking regular monthly income or investors with reduced risk tolerance. The assets of the fund are based primarily in Canada and the U.S. and are selected on the basis of the income return and the potential for growth of income. The Fund may also invest in bonds, preferred shares and other income producing assets. Given the current low interest rate structure, the fund is primarily invested in dividend paying common stocks which we expect will increase future dividend payments. Given the very low interest rate structure, presently we are not in favour of fixed income investments because the income is fixed at a very low level and we think it is preferable to have a growing stream of income to keep up with inflation and taxes. Dividends have historically proven to be a reliable source of growing income.







ReportingTo have peace of mind, you need to know what is going on so we keep you well informed. You can stay on top of your investments and portfolio management decisions both via the client section of our web-site as well as regular mail.

We provide a Monthly Investment Report we call: “WEALTHNOTES”, which include a review of investment performance and a short discussion about the economic and investment environment.

Each calendar quarter we provide a more comprehensive overview of investment activity and a performance review.

In addition to these regular reviews, we encourage our clients to call us at any time.



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