Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Liberal victory or should you worry about the TFSA?

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From a macro perspective, elections rarely impact the economy, and from a big-picture point of view, there’s really nothing to stress about.

As for taxes, the Liberals have promised to raise the tax rate for income above $200,000 to 33% from 29%. On a $250,000 income, this would mean paying up to $1,329.50 more. They would also lower the rate for income between $44,700 and $89,401 to 20.5% from 22%, for tax savings worth up to $670 a year per person.

Tax Saving Strategies

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Tax planning today can help you save money when it’s time to file. So be proactive and take advantage of tax-saving opportunities and strategies.

FINANCIAL ADVISOR – More than an expert who manages your portfolio

More than an expert who manages your portfolio

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Unsure who to talk too about your future? Call the experts at Global Wealth Builders Ltd to review your existing portfolio. Find out why it is important to partner with an estate planning expert as well as your financial advisor. As you prepare for your retirement your assets will accumulate and your estate may become quite complex. If you have a handwritten Will or an “out of the box” Will find out why only portions may be considered valid and why they cannot cover complex situations. Planned correctly by the experts your estate will go to your loved ones without government interference. Call 780-488-2858 for detailed information.


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